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A brief history lesson

We were born out of a will to help teachers do their very best.

Our story started in Joensuu, Finland in 2011, with two university students who believed in the potential of teaching with games. At the time, we focused our efforts on a specific game: Minecraft.


Our MinecraftEdu project grew and eventually reached over 15 000 schools all around the world. When Microsoft bought Minecraft in 2015, our version laid the foundations for today's Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft showed us how a skilled teacher could engage their students with a new medium. Next, we wanted to see if we could enable any and every educator to do the same. We believe that educational games are a good fit for any classroom, no matter the skill level - and that is where TeacherGaming Desk comes in.


To start with a clean slate, we founded a new company called 5 More Minutes Ltd, under which the TeacherGaming brand now operates. We are still doing exactly what we did six years ago: putting great games in the hands of teachers and students who can make the most of them. 

Meet our team

Hi, I'm Santeri. Nice to meet you!

Santeri Koivisto

Chief Executive Officer

Third round entrepreneur, MinecraftEdu co-founder, and piano virtuoso.

Hi, I'm Pertti. Nice to meet you!

Pertti Reponen

Chief Business Officer

Second round entrepreneur, school market expert, and metalhead.

Hi, I'm Johanna. Nice to meet you!

Johanna Puustinen

Chief Marketing Officer

Media contact, freelance journalist, and print magazine aficionado.

Hi, I'm Raido. Nice to meet you!

Raido Roomets

Store Manager

Customer support wizard, ecommerce specialist, and movie geek.

Hi, I'm Rasmus. Nice to meet you!

Rasmus Rönkkö

Analytics Developer

Desk co-creator, intern turned core team member, and child genius.

Hi, I'm Elina. Nice to meet you!

Elina Perkiö

Learning Developer

Analytics integration expert, teacher, and powerlifter.

Hi. I'm Nadire. Nice to meet you.

Nadire Yimamu

Executive Assistant

Organizational champion, timekeeper, and casual culinarian.

Hi, I'm Mikael. Nice to meet you!

Mikael Uusi-Mäkelä

Chief Operative Officer

Education technology evangelist, teacher, and pizza artist.

Hi, I'm Carl. Nice to meet you!

Carl Syrén

Chief Financial Officer

Sales manager, master of numbers, and strategy game nerd.

Hi, I'm Aleksi. Nice to meet you!

Aleksi Postari

Chief Technology Officer

MinecraftEdu co-founder & creator, Desk mastermind, and cryptocurrency daredevil.

Hi, I'm Marko. Nice to meet you!

Marko Kärkelä

Lead Developer

KerbalEdu creator, game developer, and walking space encyclopedia.

Hi, I'm Aleksi. Nice to meet you!

Aleksi Siirtola

Head Learning Developer

Content creator, teacher, and up-and-coming cartoonist.

Hi, I'm Rami. Nice to meet you!

Rami Sihvo

Content Creator

Lesson author, youth worker, and role-playing veteran.

Hi. I'm Jannika. Nice to meet you.

Jannika Aalto

Partnership Manager

Developer contact, enviable jack-of-all-trades, and Londoner.

Any questions?


5 More Minutes Ltd
Oravanpolku 9
33540 Tampere

Media contact

Johanna Puustinen
Chief Marketing Officer
Tel: +358 40 755 0759
Email: johannap[at]teachergaming.com