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What do you want to teach?

Something for everyone

Our K-12 educational game portfolio covers a wide variety of subjects and topics, from typing to cellular biology and back. 

For any class or computer lab

Our selection includes both mobile and desktop games for a variety of platforms and operating systems. Installation is easy through the TeacherGaming App.

Educational Games

Fun learning for free

Many of the learning games on TeacherGaming Desk are available for free. You can start using these mobile games with your students immediately by signing up for our no-strings free trial.

Bang for your buck

Most of our great desktop games are only available to teachers with a yearly subscription. Alternatively, some of them can be purchased on a licence basis on the TeacherGaming Store.

Are you a game developer?

We are constantly looking for new game developers to join our family. Your game does not need to be strictly developed for the classroom, as long as it has potential.

If you feel like you would want our help in reaching a brand new audience, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email!

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