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Pedagogical support from the best

Ready-made lesson materials

Games are great teaching tools, but teachers still have a role in facilitating learning. To get you started faster, we have had our team of Finnish educators and game-based learning experts work on top-quality lesson materials for our games. 


A perfect fit for your day

Our lesson materials are arranged in the TeacherGaming Desk by subject area, covering topics from market phenomena to musical notation. This means that the only thing you need to know is what you want to teach to a given class, and we match you with suitable content.


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Making learning visible


An analytics platform like no other

To make sure that teachers feel our games are relevant to their curriculum and working as intended, we give them a chance to look under the hood with real-time learning analytics.

Combining formal and informal learning

The Desk links in-game activities to real-life soft and hard skills. This makes it easy to place gaming in the larger context of a formal curriculum.


Ever-evolving feedback

The ability to track individual students on a classroom level lets educators and parents highlight strengths and weaknesses in their skillsets. Based on these observations, they can give children individually tailored feedback and focus on pain points.


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Suitable for any grade

Games they know and love

The TeacherGaming Desk's game portfolio is its crown jewel. Comprised of mainstream blockbusters, it holds a seal of quality entertainment that only a combined player base of tens of millions of children can give. 


Education is our priority 

With games, being entertaining and being educational are not mutually exclusive. As veterans in the field, we have hand-picked the games with the most learning potential, providing a variety of challenges to children of all ages.


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Flexible pricing for all


$ 0 /year

  • No time limit
  • 10+ mobile games
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$ 350 /year

  • As low as $3.5 per pupil
  • 25+ games and growing
  • Full features

<500 USERS

$ 750 /year

  • As low as $1.5 per pupil
  • 25+ games and growing
  • Full features

500+ USERS

$ 1150 /year

  • Contact for district prices
  • 25+ games and growing
  • Full features