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Something for everyone

Games do not have to be educational to be entertaining, but here at TeacherGaming, we believe they do have to be entertaining to be educational.

Be it a kindergartener or a high schooler, a math geek or a future poet, TeacherGaming Desk helps bring out the best in any student through experimentation and adventure. 

Our games straddle informal and formal curricula, subjects from French to biology, and skills from engineering to empathy. 

Mobile games - portable fun


Bang for your buck

Tablets and phones are a common sight in schools, but more often than not, they lack useful content. The Desk solves this problem by providing access to a robust selection of educational mobile games.

Bite-sized sessions

Many of our mobile games are suited for shorter sessions, and designed to be played at the end of full lessons or during breaks. Due to their format, they are best utilized as supporting tools for more traditional learning.


Easy installation

Our mobile portfolio works through the free TeacherGaming App, which eliminates the need to navigate app stores for every individual game.


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Desktop games - bigger and better

Entire worlds for learning

For those looking for something more immersive, computer games are the way to go. With beautiful graphics and complex simulations, our educational picks provide students with hands-on experiences no other teaching medium can.

For any computer lab

Our games support all common operating systems, and while required specifications vary from game to game, our portfolio does include several lighter games that run on older machines. 


Licence-based pricing

A Desk susbcription includes a selection of desktop games, but individual, permanent licences for games can also be bought on the TeacherGaming Store. This is a great option for teachers looking to try the Desk out with small groups first.


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Are you a game developer?

We are constantly looking for new game developers to join our family. Your game does not need to be strictly developed for the classroom, but you do need to have a clear idea of how it could help students reach their full potential. If you feel like you would want our help in reaching a brand new audience, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email!

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